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Bird Walks and Covid-19 update

April 2020

Hello Bird Enthusiasts,

I hope you are all doing well, getting out and enjoying the spring weather and bird song that is so abundant in Seattle now. 

Due to stay at home guidelines my monthly urban bird walks have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. When walks resume they will be posted here. Until then I encourage you to enjoy the outdoors, birding on your own. There are plenty of birds singing and nest building. Now is a great time to observe bird behavior.

I've been enjoying my backyard birds and exploring my neighborhood on daily walks. I recently blogged about it in my latest post "Sheltering with the birds". Visit my Blog page to read all about it. I hope you all have been marveling at the birds in your area as well. 

I look forward to resuming urban bird walks as soon as I'm able, until then stay healthy and well and enjoy springtime and the birds. 

Happy Birding, Roniq Bartanen


 Magnuson Park, Hawthorn Trees