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Hi my name is Roniq Bartanen and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, home to some of the most stunning natural beauty around. I have a passion for inclusivity, diversity and accessibility in the outdoors and love nothing more than to be able to share the joy of birds and nature with others of all ages, abilities and diversities. Living in the city I'm particularly drawn to "Urban Birds" close to home but also delight in discovering new species while traveling as well. During my birding adventures I specifically seek out female guides when available as I believe strongly in supporting our women birders of the world. I have used some of this knowledge to create a extensive world wide resource of female guides and naturalists. 

The tools I've acquired as a Certified Interpretive Guide greatly benefit the monthly bird walks I lead for Seattle Audubon Society. I've additionally led bird walks for Seward Park Audubon, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Mountaineers and the largest Outdoor Adventure Meetup in the U.S with 24,000 members.  

Volunteering as an Seattle Urban Nature Guide for Seattle Parks Department and a Finding Urban Nature volunteer for Seattle Audubon has given me experience leading programs which introduce kids school groups to nature. Connecting children with nature is key for child development, creating connected adults who will value the conservation of species and our planet. 

I've also had the opportunity to be involved in the first ever “Seattle Bird Week” which graced our city in 2018. I find birds endlessly fascinating and there is never a shortage of new things to learn about them, their behavior, habitat and ways to protect them. I continually take classes and attend lectures, learning all I can about the birds we share this planet with. "Birdscaping" my small urban backyard into a designated Certified Wildlife Habitat with native plants by creating spaces for birds and other pollinators to shelter and nest as well as find food and water opportunities in a pesticide free environment is an ongoing labor of love. It's so important as our cities grow and change to live in harmony and do all we can to protect our urban wildlife. With knowledge, compassion and assistance from us I believe nature and humans can coexist together in a healthy ecosystem .  

Come join me on a Birdy adventure in the great outdoors.

There is so much to learn, love and appreciate about our natural world!



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